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Architectural Floor Plans

The architectural home floor plans are essential for all types of construction activities. These activities may involve the conversion of a loft, house extension, or a building a new structure. 

Detailed and accurate drawings can help the homeowner quickly visualise the project, irrespective of whether he wishes to go ahead and build it.

Drawings for building or modifying a home

Those who wish to start their construction activities within the next three years should be aware; design drawings are required for getting planning permissions or a certificate of legal development. 

If a homeowner is not sure about what kind of designs they require for a home project, they should consult an expert, who usually can provide a free consultation. For a majority of construction projects, the homeowner should give a certificate of lawful development.

The floor plan is drawn to scale and shows the layout of a building or single room. Depending on the requirement, a floor plan can be provided for the entire floor of a building, a single room or building as the whole. 

The location of the furniture, appliances, other items, as well as the dimensions, may be specified in the floor plan. Floor plans are used extensively for wire, cable routing, the layout of furniture and other applications. 

Real estate agents and leasing companies which help in selling property, or finding tenants for it, require the floor plan so that they can find suitable buyers and tenants.

Characteristics of a well-designed floor plan

Rooms should be versatile and flexible. Each room should be easily converted into a living space or bedroom if required in future. Room location should be chosen carefully. 

For example, bedrooms, bathrooms should be away from the living room and dining rooms for privacy reasons. The kitchen should be close to the living room so that the person cooking can interact with the guests, or monitor the children playing.

It is designed to suit lifestyle and priorities. Families who receive guests should ensure that it easy to move from the outside to the living room and kitchen. Those who work from home would prefer a quiet space, with natural lighting. 

Rooms which are frequently used should be located close to each other to avoid wasting time and energy walking from one room to another.

It is better to be practical, instead of opting for intricate designs. The safety of the children, cleaning expenses, heating bills should all be considered before choosing certain aspects of the house, including spiral staircases and larger windows.

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