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Home Extension Planning

In many families, there comes a time when we need to extend our homes. However, before we can go ahead with our plans, we need to know a few things about home extensions.

Is Planning Permission Needed?

Before you can start your work, you need to know whether planning permission will be required. It is not always necessary. As most extensions are under Permitted Development, commonly called PD.

What are PD Rules?

Bear in mind that extending a detached property by 8m on the rear is prohibited for storey extension. For doubles, the maximum is 3m. Single-storey buildings shouldn't be higher than 4m on the ridge as well as the eaves. Remember that ridge height can't exceed the original property.

  • Two-storey extensions shouldn't extend to less than 7m of the rear boundary
  • For the single storey, side extensions mustn't exceed 4m length. The width shouldn't be over half the original
  • Extensions to designated areas and side extensions demand planning permission
  • All rear extensions are supposed to be a single storey
  • No extension should lead to coverage of more than half of the garden

Permissions are significantly reduced on a conservation area or in a National Park.


Three main must be taken into consideration before planning to build an extension.

Demands for Services

With an expanded home, some things might need updating; your heating system might be overwhelmed by the increased space. As you do the planning, consider plumbing, electrics, and heating systems.

Shared Walls

In the case of shared walls, compliance with the Party Wall Act is necessitated. Extensions will involve digging foundations between 3m and 6m of the party wall.

Site Access

Extensions should make you landlocked. Your site must be accessible by lorries and trucks, especially those making deliveries.


The size of the original building and the extensions are vital in determining costs of the extension.

How Much Shall it Cost?

You shouldn't begin the process of making an extension without first knowing how much it will cost. The costs differ concerning size, specification, and location.


Your construction specifications mean a lot on the construction costs. Simple expansions differ from complicated extensions which are involving many overhauls.


Depending on where you are in the UK, the extension costs will differ significantly. A two-storey extension becomes cheaper than a single -storey on the grounds of economies of scale. However, remember that you will need additional interior features and more on finishing. Walls, floor joists, foundations, and roof do not care whether it is single or double-storey.

The quality is the definite definer of costs per m2

  • Basic quality costs from £1,000 to £1,68
  • Good quality costs between £1,680 and £1,920
  • Excellent quality costs from £1,920 to £2,160

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