Homebuyers can often see a clear visualization of their finished home before construction even begins and all thanks to the realistic three-dimensional plans of their home. Through the three dimensional plans, homebuyers can see the exterior finishes, elevations, and colours of their would-be home.

The 3D plans can help you save time and money because the contractors can identify the flaw in the design immediately and make the necessary modifications early on to avoid mishaps.

Some people may find it difficult to imagine the living spaces of their home through the 2D drafts. Dependable contractors usually offer you 3D rendering as part of their services to help you gain a better understanding of the actual dimension and depth of your future home.

The 3D residential renderings are crafted to capture the exact specifications and design needs of every homebuyer. You will be able to see a full spectrum view of your bespoke home design when you see it in 3D.


Rendered floor plans are usually presented to give home buyers a more realistic insight into a floor plan. It is essential buyers can analyze architectural drafts. Some companies can virtually stage the home design for the buyer along with bespoke finishes so the buyer can fully grasp everything just by looking at the plan.

Some offices produce two types of floor plans – the 2D and the 3D rendered plans. The 2D plans are usually created using AutoCAD drawings with added 2D images. A team cleans up the floor plans, sometimes add dimensions, put some texts, and send back the image in .jpg format that is used for the real estate marketing.


There are numerous reasons to craft a 3D-rendered house floor plan. You can make 3D renderings online complete with digital tools that you can use. It is also a cinch to create and edit a floor plan. You just need a few clicks to modify the room dimension. Compared to the black and white blueprints of 2D plans, a 3D rendering can provide you with a better idea of how your home will look.

When you look at the 3D floor plan, you don’t just see the numbers – you can create the home that you want for yourself. You can add furniture and other elements to complete your design and give you a better vision regarding the look of your home. 3D rendering brings design and visualization together. When 3D floor plans were not available, homebuyers only rely on the description of the architect.

They created handmade 3D renderings, which took ample time to make only to be discarded in a second when a flaw in the vision was discovered. In modern 3D rendering, it is easy to correct a mistake in the element and make adjustments to the design. In the end, a 3D floor plan can provide a lot of benefits to the homebuyer and real estate agent. The homebuyers can design their own home. They can try various options and view the outcome of each one.

New Build Plans

Are you considering a new build home? We provide new build plans of high quality for anyone planning to build a house. Whether you want specification templates for a new home, design guides, building regulations or standard detail' drawings, we can offer you guidance. We provide advice and information services for individuals new to the building industry.